The most common side effects of Finasteride

Finasteride is a drug that is very helpful to men who suffer from a number of problems, but it is also important to be safe when using it. Finasteride is a drug that needs to be taken with a prescription. Even though there are generic versions of the drug that are available without a prescription for much cheaper, you really should refrain from buying such generic brands of drugs, because they are not tested and they might not be safe to use.

Finasteride is a drug that is most commonly used for two purposes. Some men use this drug in order to try and stop male pattern balding. Other men use this drug if they have an enlarged prostate gland, which is a more serious health problem than losing your hair is. No matter what you are using Finasteride for, you really need to talk to your doctor before using it. Finasteride is a drug that should be taken with a prescription, that means that only your doctor should recommend that you take it. If you think that it will help you with your male pattern balding, you still need to ask your doctor about it.

There is a possibility that you could be allergic to the drug, or you could be using another medication that does not mix well with Finasteride. Sometimes, you might even have another medical condition that will not allow you to use Finasteride. That is why your doctor needs to prescribe it for you.

Also, there are some side effects that could possible occur when using this drug. There have been reported side effects that have to do with sexual performance, for instance. Some men that take Finasteride will experience a decrease in sex drive. Some of them will even suffer erectile dysfunction and will not be able to perform in bed. Also, men you are taking Finasteride are also more likely to see a decrease in the amount of ejaculate they release upon ejaculation.

Some men have also experienced breast enlargement when using Finasteride. This is why you really need to consult a doctor first. Even if you are taking it with a prescription, you could suffer from these side effects. If you are suffering from these side effects, you should talk to your doctor to see whether there is a way to avoid them. The doctor could simply either change your dosage or recommend that you take something else that will combat these side effects.

No matter what problem you are trying to solve with these drugs, it is important to remember that your safety and general health are most important. This is especially the case when you are taking Finasteride in order to re-grow hair. Having hear on your head would be nice, but not at the risk of your health. Also, it should be noted that Finasteride is not guaranteed to stop your balding and reverse it. In fact, it only works on about 50 percent of cases.